The club has three qualified and active coaches: Jennie and John Gray (EBCS level 2) and Chris Robinson (BDA level 2).

Since 2012 the club has run a beginners course which covers every aspect of the game of lawn bowls and prepares participants to proceed to join a bowls club with sufficient knowledge and skills to confidently take part in friendly and competitive games. Enrolment usually takes place at our annual open day (see tab on left) - it has just gone (27 April) watch this space for the date in 2020. The course of 4 sessions takes place on either Monday and/or Wednesday evenings. It costs £20, and includes a copy of the laws of the sport and suggested practices. And, because we value the spirit in which the game as played just as much as the result of any match, an outline on etiquette. Advice is always available regarding buying bowls, equipment and clothing.

Coaching is also available for club members through the outdoor season on Monday afternoons at 4pm and Wednesday mornings at 10.45am - please contact Chris Robinson to let her know you would like to come and double check the session will be running. Primarily these are opportunties to address issues - like delivery, getting the line, different sorts of shots etc. - on an individual basis, to rebuild understanding and confidence or increase range of skills. 


Can't get along - then here's a video which might give some pointers about getting things sorted:

It's all about what happens on the mat! (it takes 20 minutes):

In preparation for the move indoors, sessions are also usually offered to adjust to playing on our long mats. For 2019 they are scheduled for the following Sundays, choose any one of the 2 hour sessions:

6 October at 10am        6 October at 2pm     27 October at 10am.

The cost will be £2.50 per session to cover the mat fee - please sign up on the coaching notice board.

The coaching cupboards have a variety of bowls and aids - all are welcome to use them but they should always be returned after every session.