Committee...and others

Just like every other club with members there's a management committee to keep everything running smoothly and with a strategic eye on planning the future. Also in the background there are a group of trustees (more in the members only area) to act as wise counsel, plus several other committees and individuals doing their bit in various roles. Some are elected by the membership and some are appointed by the management committee.

The management committee, as defined by the constitution, consists of:

Black - elected annually by membership;  Blue - successionGreen - managers appointed by management committee

Some posts are supported by a committee elected by the membership. These are indicated with an asterisk*; click here for more information about these and an amazing variety of other responsibilities undertaken by very many club members. Huge thanks to you all. 

Please let the webmaster know if any have been inadvertently omitted, or are incorrect. 




Bill Bailey

Senior Vice President


Junior Vice President


Immediate Past President

Sally Hurst


Judith Moss


Anne Simmons

Indoor Friendly Match Sec.*

Tony Cailes

Outdoor Friendly Match Sec.*

Keith Boys

Men’s secretary*

Peter Fry

Ladies’ secretary*

Lesley Andrews

Social secretary*

Marian Bailey

Ordinary member

Dave Reynolds

Pavilion Manager

Keith Waller

Green Manager

Peter Fry

Bar Manager

Adie Booth

The agenda, minutes and contact details for all members of the management committee are available under the members only area tab.