Open day

The open day is an opportunity to make our green available to everyone who wondered what we get up to and wants to have a go. Flat shoes (essential) can be provided and there's a stock of different sized bowls to make sure everything starts in the right way. Teas and coffees also near at hand - and it's all FREE!

For 2020 it's set for Saturday 25 April, just turn up after 10.30am but before 3.30pm. It's open to all, of all ages 9 - 90. In the meantime spare a minute to watch this:

Having tried, if you would like to explore further, we run coaching courses for small groups during the following weeks for a modest fee.

And if you then really want to join we can provide an application for membership form, and there should still be enough of the summer left for you to get time on the green to hone those skills, get more experience and meet loads of interesting and friendly people. The sun tan is more problematic.