Open rinks tournament

This is our big annual all day event where very many clubs round and about enter teams and battle for the prize money, savour lunch and generally have fun. The tea urn and bar have never known to run dry.

In 2019 it's scheduled for Saturday, 25 May. All the details are here:

Poster: 2019 Open Tournament poster.pdf

Letter of invitation: 2019 Open tournament letter of invitation.pdf

Application: 2019 Open Tournament application form.pdf 

Closing date is 6 April. It's first come, first served...

We're indebted to Marian Bailey, the organiser, and Adie Booth who takes charge - especially in the kitchen - and a huge team of helpers setting up, preparing food and drink, smilers behind the bar, keepers of the score and listeners to any number of hard luck stories about the shots that just missed.

At the end of the day the President gets the trophy awarded and everyone - hopefully - goes home tired but happy to have had a good time.

Last season Folland ended up the winners.  But there are plenty willing to have yet another crack at lifting the cup and accepting the prize money.