Friendly matches

There are numerous friendly matches arranged throughout the year indoors and out. And - especially if you are a new bowler ready to 'spread your wings' - they are ideal opportunties to try out your skills on other greens, play in different teams and get to know many other people inside our club and those in other clubs.

Just indicate your availability on the sign up sheets on the notice board in the club and check later whether you have been selected and the arrangements. You can check selections by looking at the fixture list (sections to the left), if matches are underlined the selection has been made. If selected you must tick the sheet on the notice board in the club to confirm your availability. If you are not available be sure to contact either the match secretary or the captain of the day straightaway.

The dress code will usually be greys with a club shirt. There is likely to be a small match fee.

Tony Cailes is in overall charge of the arrangements indoors and Keith Boys for outdoors. We are always pleased to hear from other clubs planning their summer tour - see contacts page under the About us tab to get in touch.