Indoor Thursday night triples

Starting early November 2018 through to nearly the end of February 2019 there will be 14 weeks of keen competition to try to be the Thursday Night Triples League Champions.

Here is the fixture list: Thursday Night Triples League 2018-19.pdf

Please note: fixtures scheduled for 31 January will now be played on Thursday 7 March.

For these squads: 2018-19 Team squads Thursday.pdf

Following these rules: Revised rules for indoor triples leagues 2018-19.pdf. Reserves are available for allocation, if necessary. Please contact Heathcliffe in good time.

The winners will then have to do battle with the winners of the Friday Night Triples League winners during the indoor finals weekend 16 and 17 March 2019. Click here for the schedule.

Thanks are due to Judith and Heathcliffe Moss for the organisation and keeping the tables up to date

UPDATE: the Thursday night league winners were - Steve Fisher, Mike Taylor, Richard Foster and Sue Edgington - congratulations! 

FURTHER UPDATE:  unfortunately the hursday champions lost to ther Friday champions in the playoff. 

The sign up for next year will be at the end of the outdoor season 2019.

It's £2.50 entry fee plus £2.50 every time you play. Greys with club shirts. Reserves are always needed to cover for the odd illness or winter cruise.