Indoor triples

The league(s) have previously been organised for a Friday night supplemented on Thursday night due to increased demand. The sign up is around the end of the outdoor season. The leagues usually start in early November and run through to nearly the end of February with around 14 weeks of keen competition. 

The champions of each league play off during the indoor finals weekend usually in mid March. 

The Thursday night champions for 2018-2019 were Steve Fisher, Mike Taylor, Richard Foster and Sue Edgington; the Friday night (and overall) champions were Keith Boys, Helen Chew, Andy Mintram and Norman Simmonds.

Squads: Thursday - click here    Friday - click here

Leagues begin: on Thursday 31 October and Friday 1 November

Inter league play off: during finals weekend 15/16 March.

Fixtures, results and league tables: Thursday - click here   Friday - click here

Thanks are due to Judith and Heathcliffe Moss for all the organisation.