Outdoor Friday night triples

Always very popular - friendly but keen internal competition, fun plus the eats and bar afterwards.

In 2019 the OFNT will be run by Chris Brett and Adie Booth.

It will run from 10 May to 26 July. It's a proper triples match of 18 ends, in whites (new for 2019) and club shirt with a 5pm start.  

The sign up sheet will be on the notice board from the beginning of the outdoor season. Be sure to sign up by 20 April. The squads will then be drawn up and the captains will get going - sorting out availability and team selections for each week through the competition. If the lists are oversubscribed then there might need to be a draw for who are in the squads and who goes onto the vital - and usually overworked - reserve list.

It's £2.50 to participate in the competition and £2.50 every time you play. Each team plays each other and the results will be published here and in the club each week. Like any competition it's a good idea to know the rules.

Traditionally the President is on hand to help those in the kitchen (usually Adie!) preparing the post match jacket potatoes, bacon buns, hot dogs etc. This is because the profits from this go to the President's charity. Cheery bar staff are also guarenteed.