Southampton & District Bowling Association leagues - men

The S&DBA leagues run in the evenings (end of April to early August) on: 

Tuesdays (Combination) Divisions 1-4 are played as rinks (3 teams), division 5 is for triples.

Thursdays (Championship) with 4 teams of rinks from each club playing against each other. There are three divisions - Meon Valley are in division 3.

The same players can play in the Championship and Combination leagues, but skips  from the Championship are not permitted to skip in the Combination. Players may not play in more than one Combination match in any week. The dress is greys with club shirts. No match fee - but £2.50 for the meal.

Two points are available to be won on each rink. 

Meon Valley are the current champions of the Combination 1 league and were runners up in Combination 4.

In 2019 teams have been entered for the Championship 3, Combination 1 and 4 leagues (click on the underline to go to the current league table) and will get up and running in late April/ early May.

Here are the fixtures: (click here if you would like a print version). All matches start at 6.15pm. 


Championship 3

Combination 1

Combination 4





30 April



Hedge End (A)

7 May


Mayfield Park A (A)

Mayfield Park B (H)

9 May

Brockenhurst (A)



14 May


Sports Centre (A)

Fleming Park (A)

16 May




21 May


Banister Park (H)

Pirrie Park (H)

23 May

Winchester City (H)



28 May


Pirrie Park (H)

Colden Common (A)

30 May

County (H)



4 June


Atherley (A)

Hedge End (H)

6 June

Pirrie Park (A)



11 June


Fleming Park (H)

Mayfield Park (A)

13 June

Hyde Abbey (H)



18 June


No match

Fleming Park (H)**

20 June

No match



25 June


Mayfield Park (H)

Pirrie Park (A)

27 June

Brockenhurst (H)



2 July


Sports Centre (H)

Colden Common (H)

4 July




9 July


Banister Park (A)

Hedge End (A)

11 July

Winchester City (A)



16 July


Pirrie Park (A)

Mayfield Park (H)

18 July

County (A)



23 July


No match

Fleming Park (A)

25 July

Southampton Open

30 July


Fleming Park (A)

Pirrie Park (H)

1 August

Hyde Abbey (A)



6 August


Atherley (H)

Colden Common (A)

8 August

Pirrie Park (H)



       ** to be re-arranged, MVBC on tour.

As the club's Men's match secretary, Peter Fry, assisted by the Men's committee sort out all the arrangements, including selection. All men are entitled to put themselves forward - sign up on the notice board at the start of the outdoor season - for consideration. 

The two Carols (Fry and Dennis) do a grand job in the kitchen preparing the after match meals and there's always someone on hand to ensure the bar meets the demand.