Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is usually held on a mid week evening in November in the club. After the formal business of reports and elections has been brought to a close, it is followed by an opportunity for informal discussion. In 2019 took place on Wednesday 20 November at 7pm. The agenda, reports and minutes are available below, plus the notes of the discussion time. 

Agenda:  AGM agenda and proposals updated.pdf



Sally Hurst


Judith Moss


Accounts April 2018-March 2019

Accounts April 2019-November 2019

John Dancy

Ladies’ match secretary

Chris Brett

Men’s match secretary

Peter Fry

Indoor friendly match secretary

Tony Cailes

Outdoor friendly match secretary

Keith Boys

Social secretary

Marian Bailey

Bar manager

Adie Booth

Green manager

Peter Fry

Pavilion manager

Keith Waller

 Ordinary member
 Dave Reynolds

Membership secretary

Chris Robinson

Publicity sub-committee

John Gray


Richard Carpenter

Previous minutes: 2018 AGM minutes.pdf

Minutes: 2019 AGM minutes.pdf

Discussion time: Discussion time AGM 2019.pdf