The trustees were appointed at a Special General Meeting in May 1995 to take on the ownership of the club's assets and lease on behalf of the membership by signing a 'Deed of Trust'. 

The original trustees were Frank Harrison, Jean Huish, Terry Lineham and David Fisher. In due course there have been a number of changes, new appointments when necessary being voted on at a club Annual General Meeting and confirmed via a 'Deed of Confirmation'.  

The current trustees are Chris Brett, Norman Chatfield, Graham Curtis and Richard Carpenter.

The trustees' primary role is defined in the constitution: 'If at any time the club passes a resolution of its intention to dissolve and distribute its assets the MC (management committee), or failing them, the trustees, will take immediate steps to discharge all debts and liabilities of the club, including the cost of such discharge' .

However, as trustees there is a secondary ongoing role to monitor and be aware of any activities or actions that could change or breach the terms of the lease and jeopardise the future of the club. 

The role and responsibilities this role involves are described below:

The trustees are the leaseholders of the MVBC assets and are held accountable in law for:

1a. complying with the terms of the lease;

1b. negotiating and agreeing to the terms of any variation or amendment;

1c. negotiating the renewal or termination of the lease.

2. The trustees are required to bring to the attention of the management committee any activities which may conflict with the terms of the lease.

3. Where changes in the lease are called for either by the management committee or the landlord, the trustees are required to conduct an appropriate investigation including professional advice where they consider it necessary.

4. All advice and guidance given to the management committee is at the agreed view of the trustees.

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