Social events

The 2019 programme is set out below - there's more information about specific events in the left hand column, when it becomes available. 

Date and time



February: Sat 16 @ 7pm

Race night


April: Sat 13 @ 1.30pm

Green opening day (only) - Oh heck! (cancelled)

Tea and cake after bowls

June: Sat 8 @ 4.30pm

75th D-Day Celebrations

40s night

Evening tea

July: Sat 20 @ tba

President’s Day


August: Sat 3 @ 1.30pm

Fun bowls


September:  Sat 7 @ 6pm

Candlelit bowls

Soup and crumbles

September: Sat 21 @ 1.30pm

Green closing day

Hens & Roosters

Fish/sausage and chips

November: Sat 2 @ 6.30pm

Annual dinner

Three courses

December: Sat 21 @ 7pm

Christmas quiz and raffle


Besides various events, the social committee look after fundraising which includes the sale of books, jigsaws etc. and bowls stuff - clothes and bowls, donated by members, and the club raffles. They also run the 200 club - September's winner was Mary Morfill. Shares (£12 each) in the 2019-2020 club are now closed. There's a prize every month and a super duper triple opportunity to win the big prizes during the annual dinner celebrations in November.

All suggestions for activities and offers of help will be gratefully received by Social secretary Marian Bailey - especially if you might consider shadowing Marian during the season as she intends not to seek re-election in November 2019.