Social events

The 2020 programme is set out below - there's more information about specific events in the left hand column, when it becomes available. 

Date and time



April: Sat 18 @ 2pm

Green opening day

Jacket potatoes, ham/cheese salad

July: Sat 28 @ 2pm

President’s Day


August: Sat 22 @ 2pm

Fun bowls


September: Sat 19 @  2pm

Green closing day

Hens & Roosters

Fish/sausage and chips

 October: Sat 31 @ 7pm
Halloween/ ceilidh

November: Sat 14 @ 6.30pm

Annual dinner

Three courses

December: Sat 19 @ 7pm

Christmas raffle and quiz


Besides various events, the social committee look after fundraising which includes the sale of books, jigsaws etc. and bowls stuff - clothes and bowls, donated by members, and the club raffles. They also run the 200 club - February 2020's winner was Chris Brett. Shares (£12 each) in the 2020-2021 club are now available - see the social notice board for the paying-in slips. There's a prize every month and a super duper triple opportunity to win the big prizes during the annual (November) dinner celebrations - the winners were Roger Morfill (£309), Sue Edgington (£206) and Mary Morfill (£103).

All suggestions for activities and offers of help will be gratefully received by Social secretary Marian Bailey.