Green opening

Hoorah, we're outside again on Saturday 13 April! Might need your thermals and/or waterproofs, but nevermind.

Remember to come early and bring your pennies as it is likely Bowls Direct will be there selling all sorts of stuff.  Do have a look at their website ahead of time and - if there is something you need - you can always contact them to make sure they bring it or set it aside for you.

Be sure to sign up at the club house - there's two things on offer:

- joining in on the green at 1.30pm (greys with club shirt), that's free. Sign the notice

- staying (around 5pm) for the buffet tea and then Oh heck! (manic card game, no experience necessary), and meat draw. £7 for members, £8 for guests. Sign on the social notice board and pay using the white slip and brown envelope using the social events post box.  

Click here to see a copy of the poster.